Top 3 Sights to See in Matteson, IL

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Located in the south of Chicago, Matteson, IL is a small village known for being home to the famous Lincoln Mall. This massive shopping center was frequented by visitors from all across the state since it opened its doors until its demolition in 2017. Since then, the village has been characterized by an influx of families and young professionals who want a quiet place not too far from downtown Chicago. Here are some sights you can enjoy while in Matteson.
1. Butterfield Creek Headwaters Land and Water Reserve
If you are looking for a quiet and beautiful place to watch the sunset away from the noise and traffic of the city, the Butterfield Creek Reserve is a perfect place to go. It is located in the south of Matteson and can be visited year-round. The Butterfield Creek is a small tributary of the Calumet River, which flows all the way north to Lake Michigan.
Several parks and private golf courses surround Butterfield Creek, but this reserve is particularly popular because it does not require an admission fee and offers the best views of the sunset reflecting in the calm waters of the creek. The place is surrounded by a residential neighborhood and a mobile home park.
2. Old Plank Road Prairie
Another beautiful natural area within the town limits of Matteson, the Old Plank Road Prairie is popular among the village’s inhabitants for its variety of wildflowers and grasses. This place is crossed by a 22-mile hiking trail that goes from Cook County to Will County, which was initially part of the Joliet and Northern Indiana Railroad. The track is now frequented by locals going on their morning runs, as well as by bikers from the neighboring counties.

While the Old Plank Road trail was established soon after the railroad stopped being used, it was only officially inaugurated and opened to the public in 1997. At the Old Plank Road Prairie Nature Reserve, you can enjoy the most isolated section of the trail, which goes along a small pond and is surrounded by wetlands and some of the area’s typical flora, including Compass plants, Ox-Eye Daisies, and Thistles.
3. Matteson Auto Mall
If you are looking for the best car deals in the entire state of Illinois, the Matteson Auto Mall is the place to be. The top dealers in the area come together here, making it a place where you can easily see hundreds of different cars, compare them, and drive back home in one of them. This auto mall is not only visited by residents of Matteson, but it is the place where anyone from the Chicago area would come when looking for a used car.
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